Roofing Accessories From Straight Line Roofing & Construction

Roof Accessories

Straight Line Roofing & Construction offers a variety of add-on roofing services. We call them accessories, but all of these roofing add-ons provide practical, structural, and aesthetic value to your home. If you are considering having skylights, sun tunnels, or ventilation installed on your roof, the team at Straight Line Roofing & Construction can help you develop an action plan for your home. Protect, enhance, and preserve your family’s home with beautiful roofing accessories.

Vents on a shingle roof

Skylights & Sun Tunnels Bring Natural Light Into Your Room

Skylights on a residential roof

Adding skylights and sun tunnels saves energy costs while giving you all of the benefits of experiencing sunlight indoors. Straight Line is a 5 Star Certified Contractor and can assist with all aspects of installing a skylight, from the glass on the roof to drywall work and all details in between. We have a variety of options available for skylights, including styles that open, allowing fresh air into your home.

Velux is a leader in the industry and holds more than 300 patents in roof windows and skylight designs. Also, all of their standard glass skylights meet ENERGY STAR® rebate criteria. Stop by our showroom for a demonstration today.

Would you like to have a beautiful new skylight installed in your home? Contact Straight Line Roofing & Construction today!

Home Ventilation

Is your house overheated? The A/C system working overtime to keep you cool? Your home may benefit from added ventilation.

Proper attic ventilation is crucial for a long-lasting roofing system. Poor attic ventilation can create an overheated attic and traps moisture which can ruin your insulation, destroy your roofing, and raise your energy bills!

Proper attic ventilation will prevent premature aging of your roof, ensuring you don’t end up with destroyed shingles and have to replace it before its time. It also helps prevent the wood framing of your roof and attic from breaking down due to warping or cracking which may occur in response to the extreme temperature and humidity differences from the season changes.

During the summer an improperly ventilated attic can reach temperatures of more than 160 degrees. The hot air can cause a roof to bake from the inside out, degrading the natural protection of your roof.

If you need your attic properly ventilated, Straight Line Roofing & Construction will provide the ideal ventilation solution for you.

O'Hagin vents on a gray shingle roof