Do You Still Have an Electric Bill with Solar Panels?

  More than any other question, homeowners ask whether adding solar panels is worth the price. Financially speaking, installing solar panels requires a significant personal investment. Many homeowners mistakenly believe attaching solar panels to their homes will automatically eliminate their traditional electric bills. This article informatively answers the question, “Do you still have an electric [...]

Solar Roofing Options: Just Trendy Or Can They Add To The Value Of Your Home Significantly?

With growing concerns about climate change, more and more consumers are turning to renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing forms of renewables, primarily due to its long list of benefits and convenience for consumers. Solar roofing options are more accessible now than they’ve ever been. Since 2014, the average cost of [...]

Attic Ventilation: Why It’s Crucial For Your Home! PLUS: What Happens To Your Roof If It Isn’t Vented Correctly?

Having a well-ventilated attic is essential for many reasons. However, some older homes don’t have this kind of ventilation. What happens if an attic is not vented? Knowing more about the types of problems that a lack of ventilation might cause can help homeowners understand why they should make sure they have a properly ventilated [...]

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