You can buy your own bits and pieces of house gutter at big-box home improvement stores. Or, you can hire a professional contractor to install seamless gutters on your California home. What are seamless gutters better? We can think of at least five great reasons to opt for gleaming new, custom-built, seamless gutters

1 — Easy Up

Gutters with seams — sectional or segmented gutters — come in predefined lengths. These are seamed together using gutter connectors or slip joints that must be riveted and then sealed in place. For the downspouts, you have to install drop outlets and end caps. Every connection is an opportunity for error and a potential source of a leak. 

Once everything is assembled, you have to raise the bits and pieces as a whole, use gutter brackets to attach everything to your home’s fascia boards, hoping you get the slope correct. 

By contrast, seamless gutters take away slip joints or connectors. Each near-horizontal run is custom-cut right at your home and designed to fit perfectly. The only seams are at corners and downspouts. 

Professional gutter installation means professional tools, highly trained installers, and a truck full of all the right parts. The process is efficient, easy (thanks to the right equipment and supplies), and fast.

2 — Easy on the Eye

With segmented gutters, all those joints and seams interrupt the visual appeal of sleek, smooth gutter faces. Segmented gutters also come in only one color — white — while seamless gutters are available in a wide range of bright, beautiful colors. 

Your Sacramento home may benefit from gutters in a color matching your exterior trim, or you may want a light, contrasting color. You might want something that blends into your roof’s color. With seamless gutters, you have all those options. With segmented, piecemeal gutters, you have…white. 

Your home simply will look better and enjoy greater curb appeal with seamless gutters expertly installed by a gutter service. 

3 — Easy Living 

Do you ever worry when a thunderstorm rolls through? Worried that your roof and gutters may not handle the heavy rains, the high winds, the battering branches? When you have seamless gutters expertly installed by trained technicians, you can forget about those worries.

Seamless gutters can be installed in one of two sizes to handle any volume of water your roof may shed. The strong brackets holding seamless gutters to your home can bear the water and gutter weight easily.

Result? Gutters that outlast sectional, do-it-yourself gutters, gutters that handle heavy water flows effortlessly, and gutters that keep their gleaming, sleek appearance for years to come. 

4 — Easy Rolling

Water rolls through a seamless gutter quickly, uninterrupted by joints and seams except at corners and downspouts. This means water has enough momentum to move small bits of debris from your roof through the gutter and out. That means fewer clogs, more efficient performance in heavy rains, and less potential for damage to your home’s fascia boards and exterior walls.

Sectional gutters have snags and interruptions along their length. These seams can catch all that organic debris washed off our roof, and that debris can build up as little dams, blocking the smooth flow of water. Suddenly your gutter is not a canal but a floodplain, and the water overflows.

Damage from overflowing gutters can rot your home’s fascia boards, drench plants, and stain exterior walls.

5 — Resting Easy

Maintenance requirements for seamless gutters are considerably less than for sectional or segmented gutters. Since sectional gutters are interrupted by numerous seams and joints, every seam and joint has to be checked for leaks. Any leaks have to be resealed. The interior of the gutter will catch debris, no matter how smooth you think the seam is. This chore — clean, inspect, reseal — should be done at least twice a year to prevent clogs and damage.

By contrast, seamless gutters offer almost no resistance to the smooth flow of water off your roof and out into your yard. Since they are professionally installed, seamless gutters generally use heftier, thicker, better materials. They can withstand weather and wear far better than sectional gutters. 

Easy Call

Getting all the benefits of seamless gutters for your home is as easy as calling your nearby gutter installation service. Skilled installers will bring all the right supplies and tools to your home, measure carefully, and custom-build your gutters right at your home, in your choice of color. 

The thickness of the metal, the quality of the installation, and the long life of your new gutters all mean an easy decision: go seamless for your home’s gutters.

If you own a home in Sacramento, Straight Line Roofing & Construction can provide you with new, seamless gutters custom-built for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of exterior home services.