As you research your choices in new siding for your Sacramento-area home, consider energy efficiency. While most siding—including fiber cement siding—does not add appreciably to your home’s energy efficiency, you can choose to reduce your environmental impact and lower your carbon footprint. 

Not Much

Hoping for significant energy savings from most siding materials will only disappoint you. Siding products of all types usually are not part of your home’s energy envelope. Instead, building wrap and insulation are the main methods to preserve your expensive indoor air quality and prevent air from flowing in from outdoors. 

When compared against other materials, fiber cement siding fares roughly the same when compared to fiberglass wall insulation:

  • Fiberglass insulation—R-Value of 3.1 to 3.4 per inch of thickness
  • Wood Shingle Siding—R-Value of 0.87
  • Non-Insulated Aluminum, Steel, or Vinyl—R-Value of 0.61
  • Brick or Stone—R-Value of 0.44
  • 2-inch Stucco—R-Value of 0.40
  • Fiber Cement—R-Value of 0.37

Avoid staking your energy conservation hopes on siding in general. Look elsewhere for savings. 

What Lies Beneath

Fiber cement siding is an ideal product for its minimal environmental impact and long life span. One investment in high-quality fiber cement siding can pay off for 50 years. The materials in fiber cement siding are almost completely impervious to nature’s destructive forces. 

When your contractor uses synthetic building wrap (like HardieWrapⓇ weather barrier) and rigid foam board beneath your fiber cement siding, you can significantly boost your Sacramento-area home’s energy savings. 

The insulating, wind-breaking layers in your building envelope reduce energy costs and prolong the life of your heating and cooling equipment. 

An energy-efficient house places less strain on HVAC systems than a poorly insulated home. Your HVAC system operates less often and for less time in a cozily cocooned cottage than in a breezy bungalow. 

Honest Answers

As you interview prospective contractors for your siding project, beware of anyone boasting of a highly energy-efficient siding, some magic material that is better than all of the others. 

Instead, look for a contractor who will offer insulation and building wrap options to be applied before your choice of siding. That contractor will give you honest, straightforward answers. 

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