What You Need to Know about Home Siding and Energy Savings

Every homeowner can enjoy energy efficiency if they invest in proper siding and insulation. This solution reduces heat in the summer and keeps warm air inside during the winter. Here are keys toward energy savings related to home siding.

Energy Loss and Inefficiency

An overlooked reason for a home’s energy loss and inefficiency is old siding, which can also contribute to an old worn out look. Any type of air leak can affect indoor temperature and lead to higher energy usage. Investing in new siding can help raise the value of the home due to a newer appearance and greater energy efficiency.

The type of material used for siding has a major effect on energy efficiency, which depends on how well the home is insulated. Fiber cement, for example, is a cheaper siding material and does not protect homes as well against environmental elements. A stronger choice that allows for better insulation is vinyl siding, which has a foam backing. Vinyl is made of durable material that gives you more control of interior temperature than other building materials.

How New Siding Saves Energy

Getting new siding can cut energy costs if you choose the right combination of materials. Vinyl is an excellent maintenance-free choice for energy efficiency and it also provides attractive aesthetics. The construction industry uses a rating called “R-value,” which reflects the performance of building materials as insulators. Siding materials typically get a low rating on this scale, although vinyl works as superior insulation that provides energy efficiency. The key is to use materials with high R-values.

Other materials that can help cut energy costs include insulated steel and aluminum. These materials can withstand storms and winds and reduce outside noise, as well as cut energy costs by as much as twenty percent. While materials play a big role in energy savings, proper installation is also a big factor, so make sure you only work with experienced, licensed professionals.

New siding can be the difference between high and low energy bills. Be sure to choose a contractor that has plenty of experience and is trusted in your community. Contact us at Straight Line Construction to learn what type of siding materials will give you the best energy savings.