Looking back, 2014 has been a pretty great year for Straight Line Roofing.

We have had the opportunity to help out a lot of our local customers with roof repairs, replacements, and formulating their own Straight Line Roof Maintenance program, to prolong the life of their roof.

Overall, it has been a very successful year for our roofing business.  With everything taken into consideration, however, we all agree that one of our proudest moments occurred when our contractors had the opportunity to help on a Sacramento housing project with the El Dorado County Habitat for Humanity.

We heard about a project to give a local family a hand in living in a great, remodeled home, and were immediately taken by the idea. We love working with GAF shingles, and were pleased that they donated the roofing materials for the project.

After the supplies had arrived – we went to work! We tore off the old roof and carefully installed a new, weathertight one on the 1,438 square foot home.

Of course, we were only one business of many that stepped up to the plate to make this dream a reality for a family in need. Through the contribution of many, many generous companies and individuals, what had been a foreclosed building, lacking even necessary piping, in 6 months it was completely re-modeled. On September 16, 2014 the family received the keys to their new home. It was a memorable occasion – a time of joy, accomplishment, and hope.

Seeing their joy at a safe, well-constructed place to live and start fresh as a young family, we were so grateful to have played a small part.

It helped us to remember that, as a roofing contractor business, we are truly here to serve our community. The awards that we have won (and are proud of winning) serve merely as a testament that we care about our customers first and do our best to maintain and improve the quality of our roofing services – because that is our passion.