Make Your Front Door Pop With New Paint

Giving your Shingle Springs home a new look doesn’t have to involve a complete remodeling. Freshening up the exterior can be as simple as painting your front door. Whether you’re repainting it in the same color or choosing a whole new tone, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal. [...]

Get Your Outdoor Christmas Lights Up Early This Year

It seems like the kids just got back to school after summer vacation – and somehow it is already time to start thinking about those Christmas lights! If you procrastinated last year and did it too late (or not at all), you might be thinking about getting a head start this year. […]

10 Tips for Making Your Older Home a Green Home

There is so much in the news about the need for creating a green environment, starting with your home. if you haven’t explored the topic yet, you most likely feel it is probably an expensive option. Well, it can be if you get into major changes, but there are things that you can do that [...]

Community Barn Restoration

Some things draw a community together, and that’s exactly the case when the old Clarksville Tong Barn near El Dorado Hills stood in desperate need of urgent repairs. […]

El Nino Returns!

Experts are predicting that we’ll see the return of El Niño in 2014. Are you prepared? More importantly, is your home prepared to withstand the elements of a huge storm season? Roofing and gutters offer your first line of protection against major storms. […]

Green Garden Roofs for Eco-Friendly Living

Throughout the Sacramento area, Straight Line Roofing has seen that garden roofs, one form of green roofing, is becoming more and more popular. The reason why is because it helps bring nature into the city. It gives small animals places to live, gives the human eye something more appealing to look at and helps homeowners feel [...]

No Red Ink With Green Energy

Placerville homeowners interested in residential solar energy may not realize that Straight Line Roofing, a nearby Sacramento roofing contractor, is experienced and ready to help with installation of more than simply solar electric. […]

Good Gutters Keep Placerville Homes High and Dry

Fortunately for us, Placerville is not in the tropics, where folks may have over 30 feet of rain a year. Be we still get rain, averaging nearly 40 inches a year, so we need sturdy roofing over our heads and also a reliable gutter system. […]

Your Roof Repair Contractor Is Your Friend When It Comes To Insurance

When it comes to dealing with insurance and roof repair or replacement, it is a very good idea to read that insurance policy from start to finish, including the fine print. Surprises are not welcome when facing a major financial investment like roof replacement. Questions that should be checked out in your policy include: [...]