Leaking Roof? Will The Damage Be Severe And Should You Be Worried?

The roof is the most critical structure in a home. Besides its aesthetic appeal, it has functional roles - like keeping the house and your family dry and safe from the weather. Because they are a critical part of the structure, most roofs have extended warranties to guarantee the best service over a long period. [...]

How to Know if Solar Panels are Worth It

Californians grapple with ever-rising utility prices. Higher utility prices or not, 47 percent of us still want our streaming services, says a survey from HomeServe. Paying for electricity to run our homes is easier with solar panels. But how can you know if solar panels are worth it?  […]

How To Know If Fiber Cement Is Better Than Vinyl Siding

Is the National League better than the American League? Is fiber cement siding better than vinyl siding? We cannot help you with some questions—we root for the Sacramento River Cats ourselves—but we can certainly help you decide on fiber cement or vinyl siding. […]

5 Reasons Seamless Gutters Are The Best Choice For Your Home

You can buy your own bits and pieces of house gutter at big-box home improvement stores. Or, you can hire a professional contractor to install seamless gutters on your California home. What are seamless gutters better? We can think of at least five great reasons to opt for gleaming new, custom-built, seamless gutters.  […]

Introducing The 4 Main Ingredients Behind Fiber Cement Siding

Four-ingredient recipes are popular for busy families. Yet not all recipes are for eating, and at least one is a sure-fire way to protect your Sacramento-area home: fiber cement siding. What is fiber cement siding made of? There are four ingredients: Portland cement, sand, cellulose fibers, and proprietary components. Water makes the mixture mixable.  [...]

How Much Maintenance Does A Metal Roof Require?

If your Sacramento home is gracefully crowned with a gleaming metal roof, congratulations! You can look forward to some five decades of worry-free service from that durable roof. But do metal roofs need maintenance? They do, but not nearly as much as shingle roofs. Here are the ABCs of TLC for your metal roof.  [...]