How To Know What To Do First: Roofing Or Siding


If you are looking to remodel your home, you may have questions about whether you should start with the roofing or siding. Many people usually don’t have an idea which of these two installations should come first. Well, the truth is there’s no perfect way to approach the installation. You have to consider a few [...]

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How Long Will Your Deck Last


A deck is often the treasure of many homes – a place where friends and family gather to relax and enjoy quality time. While a properly-installed deck should last you a long time, its lifespan depends on many variables. It may also depend on the deck material, particularly composite and hardwood, which we’ll explore a bit [...]

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Why GutterShutter Is The Right Choice For Your Home


The chances are good you need gutter guards if you live in a neighborhood with lots of trees. Leaves and other debris can clog your existing gutters and even cause them to pull away from your roof. It’s important to not settle for less than best when choosing a gutter protection system, which is why [...]

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What Awards Can Tell You About Your Contractor


Finding the right roof contractor is not something to take lightly–a poorly repaired or installed roof can make your home more vulnerable to potential damage in the future. It can even end up costing you more money in further repairs. However, trying to figure out what makes one contractor different than another can be challenging. [...]

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Straight Line
Straight Line is 1 of 5 contractors in California that is certified by all 3 major roofing manufacturers