A new roof is a major expense, so it’s not an investment you want to make prematurely. Waiting too long is risky, though, because you want to avoid serious leaks that saturate the attic insulation and ruin your ceilings, paint and wood trim or damage your furniture and carpets. If you can relate to any of the following situations, it’s time to talk to an experienced local contractor about a roof replacement for your Sacramento home.

Your Roof is Getting Old

Asphalt shingles are the type of roofing chosen by roughly 80 percent of American homeowners. Compared to other long-lasting materials like metal that have an expected lifespan of 50 years, asphalt shingles typically last just 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality. If your roof is in that age range or older, it’s likely becoming brittle and showing age-related issues like buckling, curling and cracking. If you can see these types of problems by looking up at your roof from the ground, it’s wise to plan for a replacement before leaks start to occur.

You See Signs of Roof Top Deterioration

Widespread wear and tear usually means you’ll need a new roof in the near future. Signs to check for include spots where the shingles are missing completely, bald patches where the substrate is showing, or metal panels that appear loose, damaged and/or rusted or have exposed fasteners. Be sure to examine all the flashing as well to see if any is missing, loose or rusted, as these are areas where water intrusions can easily occur. Flashing is typically found around the roof eaves, chimney, plumbing vent stacks, dormers and skylights, and in the valleys.

You Find Evidence of Interior Damage

Interior water damage caused by a leaky roof is often an indicator that it’s time for a replacement. Check the ceilings and exterior walls in rooms directly below your home’s attic space first to see if there are any fresh or dried water stains. Next, take a flashlight and head up to the attic. Shine the light all around the underside of the roof decking to see if there are any signs of dripping water or new or dried stains. Look for damp or moldy insulation between the floor joists and around the eaves, too.

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