Standing out in a crowded field makes perfect sense when you are trying to sell your Sacramento home. Curb appeal is that special quality a home has when prospective buyers pull up, view your home from the street, and before leaving the curb, exclaim, “That’s the house for us!” 

Curb Appeal 101

You can build in curb appeal to your home with a careful plan to address each of these areas of the exterior:

  • Roofing
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Decks and porches

Curb appeal increases when buyers see the attention to detail, the modern touches, and the perfect craftsmanship of dedicated installers. Curb appeal helps bring a home together to present a proud, beautiful exterior as a staging area for the interior. 

Curb appeal decreases when homebuyers see neglected, aged, or broken roofing, gutters, or siding. Sure, they may see a bargain, but they will be reluctant to buy because they sense little has been done to keep the home in good shape. 

Curb Appeal


Every Sacramento homeowner must tread the fine line between investing in value-adding repairs and squandering money on needless extras. Leaky roof? That is a necessary repair — would you buy a house with mold, water infiltration, or damaged ceilings? Last year’s trendy trim color? That is probably not a make-or-break in a buyer’s eyes. 

Finding cost-effective projects is not as difficult as you may think. First, consult a reliable, community-minded local contractor about what is hot in the market. Talk to your real estate agent. Drive around and see what changes the neighbors’ houses bring. 

Consult an unbiased resource, like Remodeling’s Cost Versus Value 2019. Here is a sampling of some projects that both increase a California home’s resale value and also add curb appeal:

  • Deck or deck addition — A composite deck pulls in 84 percent of its cost in increased resale value; a wood deck returns 87.8 percent of its cost in added value
  • Roof replacement — Beautiful fiberglass-asphalt shingles return 77.7 percent of cost when reselling your home
  • Siding — New siding brings back 84.3 percent of your investment when you sell
  • Window replacement — New windows recoup 81.5 percent of their cost at closing

One way to consider these projects: You can purchase a new roof, live in your home for two or three years under that bright, weather-tight new roof, and pay only 22.3 percent of its actual cost when you sell.

Say the roof costs $25,000 to install (typical for California, according to Remodeling). You would likely recover $19,425 from that project when you sell your Sacramento home!


The whole bundle of curb appeal projects are always greater than the sum of the parts. A new roof gives a boost, but tied into a whole package, the new roof complements new gutters, which showcase new siding, which makes the new windows sparkle. 

You have experienced this with interior design. You buy a new couch and suddenly the living room rug looks shabby. You replace the rug to match the new couch and the end tables look outdated. 

Capitalize on the synergy of boosting curb appeal all around your home by contracting a complete program of upgrades. If the roof is close to failing, that is a must-do. Match it with fresh new gutters and you can gain efficiency, trim work time, and may get a discount. 

Contractor Confidence

Selecting the right contractor to tackle a whole-home curb appeal program is key to your success in reselling your home. You need the projects handled expertly, in short order, and with a minimum of home disruption. 

How do you locate the ideal contractor? Look for a local, rooted presence, and then:

  • Examine credentials, inspect galleries of completed projects, and ask for references. 
  • Always get at least three quotes on projects. Each quote should include details about the scope of work, warranties, pricing, and a general sense of scheduling. Ask questions before committing to any contract. 
  • Avoid high-pressure sales representatives. If a quote is good today, it should be good a week from today. Get everything in writing. Compare apples-to-apples quotes. 

Anyone can say they are trustworthy. Make them prove it. For example, Straight Line Roofing & Construction can offer firm evidence:

  • #1 Contractor every year by Reader’s Choice since 2004.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • On Angie’s List Honor Roll
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  • Hold a 5-Star rating on
  • Third-generation, local roofing contractors, going back to the 1950s
  • Reference list of more than 8,500 projects 

Every improvement project starts with a call to a local, reliable contractor. Make that call to Straight Line Roofing & Construction today and see beautiful results fast! We can help you plan and complete specific strategies to boost your Sacramento home’s curb appeal. Who knows, you may be so happy with the results, you decide to stay!