Life can get pretty crazy, and finding out that your roof needs replacing can be overwhelming. Roof replacement is expensive, so you can be tempted to take a stab at your first DIY roofing project to save on considerable labor costs. After binge-watching DIY videos, you might feel you can install a new roof on your own, but should you?

Simple answer: No. While DIY roofing might seem like a good idea initially, it comes with significant risks that could cost you more in the long run. Here are some reasons to put the tools and nails back in the garage and call a local roofing contractor.

What Is The Cost of DIY Roof Replacement?

Going the DIY route is admirable in certain aspects of life, but when it comes to roof replacement, it can set you back thousands of dollars. It takes years of working on roofs (a lot of roofs) to develop the skills and expertise needed to replace a roof properly. You cannot acquire this from watching some DIY videos or reading several how-to guides.

When you hire a professional roofing contractor to install your roof, you’re not just paying for the materials. You are also paying for skill and experience to diagnose your roofing problems. A roofer can spot damage to your roof’s structure, heading off expensive repairs or premature failure that may happen down the road. Also, they have the tools, training, and experience to effectively and efficiently replace your roof.

A single DIYer’s mistake can prove quite costly. For example, if you don’t know how to nail down shingles, you could create holes in the roof, exposing your roof and home to leaks and significant damage. A poorly installed roof stands no chance of reaching its full potential. You’ll end up paying more for frequent repairs or a new replacement in a few years.

You Could Void Your Warranty 

Replacing your roof will leave you with an unreliable layer of protection above you. Making matters worse is the fact that your work doesn’t have any sort of guarantee or warranty. 

A warranty protects your roofing system and ensures you’re still financially protected if anything goes wrong. Specifically, a manufacturer’s warranty ensures your roof is repaired or replaced if the materials fail before reaching their life expectancy due to manufacturing defects. 

However, most roofing manufacturers have a clause that excludes unauthorized repair or replacement. You could void your warranty if you take the DIY roofing path. 

You Won’t Have the Right Tools and Materials

As a DIY roofer, you don’t have the same access to quality roofing materials as professional roofing contractors. Every roofing material available in the market is different and needs a different installation approach. Do you know the difference between a 3-tab and a designer shingle? What about the ins and out of installing metal roofing? 

In addition to finding the suitable material for your home, you’ll also invest time and money on tools needed to replace your roof – tools you’ll probably never use again. 

When you let professionals handle your roofing project, you can rest easy knowing that your roofing system is constructed using first-class materials that stand the test of time. A roofer knows the exact quantity and quality of the materials and tools needed to fix your roof.

Unimpressive Results Could Affect Your Property Value

In addition to protection and durability, DIY roof replacements tend to fall short of aesthetics. The results may need to be more balanced, uneven, or asymmetrical. 

Roofing plays a key role in your home’s curb appeal. A poorly installed roof sticks out like a sore thumb, significantly impacting your home’s value and resale possibilities.

In contrast, a professionally installed roof would increase or preserve your home’s property value.

Roofing is Dangerous Work

Even if you’re the most confident person with no fear of heights, there are many potential unknowns when it comes to roofing work. If you don’t know how to walk on the roof as you remove and replace materials or how to identify potentially dangerous conditions, you could end up with serious injuries or worse.

And if an injury to someone helping you with your roofing project gets reported to your homeowner’s insurance, you can face several legal and financial troubles.

Professional roofing contractors have spent years learning how to work on top of roofs effectively. They understand how to maneuver, identify dangers, monitor the weather, and operate power tools while balancing. They also use fall harnesses and personal restraint systems, which you may need access to.

Moreover, contractors carry adequate insurance to cover injury or property damage during the roof replacement project.

Trust the Roofing Professionals at Straight Line Construction

Remember, roof replacement is no Pinterest or YouTube project. And DIY is not the cheapest way to replace your roof. So, if your roof is severely damaged or at the end of its lifespan, contact Straight Line Construction for quality roof replacement services. We use the industry’s best materials and work with certified, licensed, and insured roofing technicians. We build peace of mind into every roof we install.