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Metal Roof Replacement

Metal Roofing – Durable & Long Lasting

Metal has become an increasingly popular material among homeowners due to its versatility and practical design. The durability and flexibility that metal provides is highly sought after since the results cannot be achieved with other replacement options. Homeowners can choose to completely replace their aged roof or they can have a metal roof installed on top of their existing roof. Straight Line Roofing will help you choose the best metal roof option for your home depending on your budget, your current roof’s condition, and any other additional factors. Replacing a roof is a big decision. Straight Line Roofing will guarantee your new metal roof will be installed correctly and professionally.

Metal Roofing Decider

Metal Roofing Decider

Use our Metal Roofing Decider to choose materials and accessories for your new metal roof. This interactive decider walks you through the metal roofing process and allows you to choose the options that fit your style and your budget.

Design Your Roof

Why Metal Roof Replacement is a Smart Choice

Homeowners looking to replace their home’s current roof often find that metal roof replacement is their best option. Metal roof replacement comes in a variety of styles to satisfy any preference, including options that are designed to imitate the look of traditional tiles.

A metal roof is highly durable and energy efficient. It helps to reduce energy costs by repelling and reflecting heat away from a home during hot times of the year and retaining it during the colder seasons. It can also withstand harsh weather despite its lightweight design. A metal roof replacement can last anywhere from 20 to 100 years and its zinc coating helps to prevent rust formation.

Metal Roof Replacement Options

The most popular metal roof replacement options are 5V and standing seam. A 5V metal roof consists of steel panels, which are coated with enamel, and exposed fasteners. Its appearance is more comparable to that of a traditional roof. There are many color options available that allow you to achieve the look you want. A standing seam metal roof is made up of heavy-duty, aluminum alloy panels which are extremely durable and fire resistant. The hidden fasteners of a standing seam metal roof offer added wind resistance and its upward facing seams prevent moisture from penetrating the home.

Choosing Straight Line Roofing for Your Metal Roof Replacement

Straight Line Roofing has been providing homeowners with metal roof replacement services since 1999. The confidence they have in their workmanship allows them to provide extended warranties on all of their roofing services. Straight Line Roofing can inspect your current roof to determine if a metal roof replacement is right for your home. Using innovative techniques, your metal roof replacement can be completed quickly and for an affordable rate.

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