Extend Your Roof’s Life With Roof Maxx

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Roof replacement can be costly and puts old roof materials into landfills. Your roof may not need to be replaced, but rather just rejuvenated with Roof Maxx. It adds a guaranteed five years to your roof!

Five Benefits of Roof Maxx

  • Makes your shingle more flexible for better durability in storms
  • Prevention of granule loss by increasing the adhesion
  • Increases permeability to your shingles
  • Decreases hail damage by an estimated 24%
  • Does not increase the risk or spread of fire

Straight Line Roofing & Construction will evaluate the condition of your roof and make a recommendation if Roof Maxx can help your roof.

About Roof Maxx

Add five years of life to your roof at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Roof Maxx is a revolutionary spray-on treatment which harnesses the power of soy technology to extend the life of your shingles. It is certified as a USDA Bio-Preferred product and is good for the environment. It is also safe for people, pets, and property. A quick application every five years can extend the life of your roof up to 15 years. There is a sweet spot for when this roof spray will best help your roof, usually between 6-15 years depending on the weather conditions your roof has faced. As your Sacramento area authorized Roof Maxx dealer, we will inspect your roof to confirm if Roof Maxx is the best solution to refresh and renew your roof.

How Roof Spraying Works

Over time, a roof naturally ages due to the environment, such as Sacramento’s extreme heat. The aging process is when the oils found in shingles dry out, causing them to become fragile and brittle. This causes cracking, breaking, and granular loss and leads to leaks and ultimately a roof replacement.

Spraying Roof Maxx over the entire roof restores the flexibility and waterproof protection of the shingles by replacing the lost oils. Application is done quickly, often within an hour or two. The soy-based solution soaks in within 30 minutes to minimize rain wash-off concerns. Within 72 hours of application, full flexibility is restored. Any over-spray is washed away with rain or your garden hose. It will not stain or leave an oily residue on siding, concrete, or other building materials.

If you’re interested in having Roof Maxx applied to your roof, or want to know more, contact us today!