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Offering Expert Roofing Repair for Homeowners

As your home ages, your home’s roof is subject to years of wear and tear through exposure to the elements. Many times, you may not know what issues exist with your home’s roof. In fact, you might not realize your roof has any problems.

Often, damage to your roof could have existed for years before you become aware. In many cases, it may be too late to take less-expensive, preventative measures. Proactively addressing “small” issues with your home’s roof before they mushroom into much larger problems is an effective way to manage your home responsibly.

At Straight Line Roofing & Construction, we partner with homeowners to thoroughly inspect their home’s complete roofing system. In this way, we can ensure that problem areas are addressed promptly. We won’t give you the runaround. Our obligation is to put you, the customer, first. If you have concerns with your home’s roof, contact us to schedule a free inspection and consultation.

Timely, Cost-Effective, and Dependable Residential Roof Repair

When it comes to service providers, customers expect responsive, efficient, affordable, and reliable service. Straight Line Roofing & Construction prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service. When you call us, our friendly response team will assist you in walking through the process of scheduling a free assessment of your home’s entire roofing system. Our inspectors, project managers, and installers will treat you courteously and professionally. You can count on us to give you the best customer experience possible.

High-Quality Roof Repair Services

If your home’s roof needs a shingle repair, we will use the industry’s highest-quality products. Straight Line Roofing & Construction partners with the three major shingle manufacturers: CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Corning. Most contractors do not have access to the manufacturers that we have. If your roof does need replacement, you benefit because we have the broadest range of products, materials, styles, and colors.

Roof Repair In progress

Extending the Life of Your Existing Roof with Roof Maxx

When your home’s shingle roof is showing its age, replacing it is one option. A more affordable alternative is Roof Maxx, a product that rejuvenates your existing roof and adds a guaranteed five years to your roof’s life. Because Roof Maxx adds flexibility to your shingles, most homeowners see a decrease in the likelihood of damage due to hail or other weather-related causes. To learn more about Roof Maxx, call us today.

Repairing All Types of Roofs

Whether your home’s roof is shingle, tile, or flat (low slope), we are expertly trained to repair any roof. At Straight Line Roofing & Construction, we know what repair options best address the roof damage your home is suffering. Because we thoroughly inspect your entire roofing system, you will also be advised of any hidden issues below the surface causing damage to your home. When we complete our work, you can have peace of mind that your home’s roofing system is in proper working condition.

We Work With Your Insurance Company

If your property sustained damage due to a storm, it’s essential to contact a roofing contractor that works with your insurance carrier. Straight Line Roofing and Construction will come out and inspect your property and detail the repairs needed. If your roof damage is extensive enough to warrant an insurance claim, we’ll provide an inspection report to your insurance company, then work with them throughout the claims process. Contact us today to get started.