1. Client consultation, inspection and proposal.
2. Products and color selection.
3. Project set-up and schedule.
4. Create and Implement Safety plan.
5. Roof Removal
6. Dry Rot repairs
7. Refasten roof deck as needed.
8. Install leak barrier membrane as specified. 
9. Install deck protection (roofing felt or synthetic leak barrier).

Install new valley metal down all valleys as specified.

*Options To Decide

11. Install flat roof membrane on any flat roofing section, cricket, dead valley.
12. Install new pre-painted drip edge flashings where necessary.
13. Install special high wind resistant starter-strip shingles at perimeter of roof area.

*Options To Decide
Shingle roof area using coil nails as specified.

*Options To Decide
15. Install new flashing over kitchen, dryer, and bathroom exhaust openings, fastened and sealed, where applicable.
16. Install new flashing over metal plumbing and heater pipes. Install with storm shields and screw front with rubber grommets.
17. Install new VELUX, self-flashed, leak proof skylights over existing openings, fastened and sealed where applicable.

*Options To Decide

Install new intake and exhaust ventilation system.

*Options To Decide

Install matching manufacture high profile Ridge, Hip and Rake if selected.

*Options To Decide
20. Paint all roof flashings to match shingle color where applicable.
21. Clean up and remove all debris. Use magnet rake to remove nails.
22. Perform a quality control inspection. 
23. Labor/workmanship and manufacture warranty provided as selected.