There is so much in the news about the need for creating a green environment, starting with your home. if you haven’t explored the topic yet, you most likely feel it is probably an expensive option. Well, it can be if you get into major changes, but there are things that you can do that entail little or low expense.

First, let’s define a green home. A green home is eco-friendly. It includes construction material, such as green roofing, that does not harm the environment. A green home is one that not only saves operating costs but improves performance, especially when in regard to electricity and water. has some great information. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) formed in 1980, continues to research this area. When not building a new home, there are ways to ‘green’ an older home.

10 Tips for “Greening” the Older House

1.  Have an energy audit done to discover which areas of your home would benefit the most. The main areas included in this are:

  • Duct work, for cooling and heating systems
  • Windows and doors, for leaks
  • Insulation, check if more is needed

2.  Check your appliances. Are they Energy-Star compliant? These appliances use 20-30% less energy. Special tax rates are often available when replacing your older appliances.

3.  Replace older windows with energy efficient low-E windows that have a special coating.

4.  Landscaping is great for saving energy. Planting trees and shrubs to block our strong Sacramento sun from hitting windows and doorways can help a great deal. Looks nice also!

5.  Remove all incandescent light bulbs. Use the newer fluorescent lamps and LED bulbs. They may cost more, but they use less energy and last longer.

6.  Don’t hang on to your old refrigerator as a back-up.  If it is not Energy-Star rated, it can be quite the energy guzzler.

7.  ‘On demand’ hot water units can be installed under sinks or next to showers. Our Sacramento location also makes solar water heating another good option.

8.  Lower that hot water heater temperature. It does not have to be at 140ºF. It has been proven that 120ºF is sufficient.

9.  Replace your older roof with new green roofing material. This is a large budget project but a cool roof is most energy-efficient.

10.  Last and maybe the easiest! Change your habits! Yes, when washing dishes and clothes, brushing your teeth or watering your lawn, watch your water usage. Discover the energy savings here!

There are so many ways homeowners can find to “go green” and applying some of the above tips will help.

At Straight Line Roofing we are committed to “going green” through green roofing and solar energy.  To learn more about making your Sacramento home more energy-efficient, contact Straight Line Roofing.