Best House Siding For El Dorado Residents

Although the siding you choose for your home is important to your property’s overall curb appeal, it’s important that you choose siding that will withstand the specific elements that your area’s climate is known for.

For example, you’ll want siding that can withstand heat and dry weather here in the El Dorado area.

What is the Best Home Siding for El Dorado?

One type of siding that you may not want to use is wood. While wood siding is a traditional choice that certainly looks great, it just doesn’t hold up that well in the California climate. Drastic temperature changes can cause wood siding to warp and crack, which means that you’ll have to invest in repairs or replacement down the line.

In certain conditions, wood siding can also attract insects and is very flammable, not something that you want in an area with high heat. Last, but not least, the color of wood siding tends to fade over time due to exposure to the sun.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Instead of wood siding, we recommend the use of fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is extremely durable and should last for decades. It’s a composite that is made out of cement, sand, and cellulose, which gives it numerous advantages over the other types of siding on the market.

Fiber cement siding is resistant against heat, wind, and insects, and it’s manufactured using mostly inflammable materials. Fiber cement siding is also aesthetically flexible — there are many styles to choose from and it can be made to look just like wood or rock. Unlike wood siding, however, fiber cement siding will not lose its color over time.

Our Siding Options

Here at Straight Line Construction, we offer a variety of siding options that are suitable for the climate here in California, and that will meet your aesthetic needs as well as fit your budget. We carry siding products from some of the most highly regarded manufacturers in the U.S., including James Hardie, Roseburg DuraTemp Siding, and LP Smartside. All of these brands produce some of the highest quality fiber cement siding in the country.

If you’re looking for a new siding that will last for decades, help protect your home against our unique climate, and boost your property’s curb appeal, then consider fiber cement siding. For more information about our siding options, be sure to contact us at Straight Line Construction in El Dorado for a free estimate today.

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