Curb appeal is an important part of your home’s attraction for potential buyers. Without it, your home is easily overlooked by those who might otherwise find your home a very palatable option. Curb appeal can draw in prospective buyers by making your home look more welcoming and warm. You can improve your home’s curb appeal by doing general maintenance and upkeep, such as cleaning the windows and power washing areas that might look dingy and unkempt. Some other great ways to make the most of your home’s appeal don’t cost as much, either in money or effort, as you might think.

Remove Clutter and Debris

Your home needs to appeal to the widest possible range of people. An easy way to ensure that potential buyer can see themselves at home in your home is to make it as streamlined and impersonal as possible. This doesn’t mean that you need to make your home look austere or unwelcoming. It simply means that you should remove the signs of your family life from the areas where casual observers might see them. Put away toys and lawn tools. Remember to move the garbage cans off the driveway after trash day. Make the front of your home nondescript, but also attractive.

Create a Beautiful Landscape

The summer months can mean a browned yard and drooping plants; winter can make your home look as cold and uninviting as a blizzard; fall and spring can leave you with unkempt lawns and foliage. Combat these seasonal effects by creating a warm atmosphere that extends outside your home. A few flats of bright flowers, some cheery holiday decorations, and seasonal décor can make your home far more attractive and welcoming.

Get Exteriors in Shape

Repainting or replacing a weathered door and ill-fitting windows can add a generous amount to your home’s value, while also making the home more efficient and attractive for environmentally-conscious buyers. Touch up paint, replace siding as necessary, and make sure the roof is ready for the pre-sale inspection.

Making the Sale

A home that’s well-maintained and in good repair should bring a higher price than one that looks like it’s been neglected. At Straight Line Construction, we’ve been taking care of residents in San Francisco and the surrounding areas since 1999. We’re ready to help make your home ready for sale with new windows, doors, siding and more. Contact us today for an estimate!

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