With the new year upon us, your New Year’s resolution may be to finally start the home improvement projects that you have been putting off since last year.

New Year, New Styles

There may be some new styles that caught your eye this past year and trends that will be coming up in early 2016. These projects can be installing new windows, remodeling your bedroom, adding some color, or changing up your plumbing systems. Use online inspiration tools like Pinterest, Houzz and home design websites to help you narrow your focus to the styles and trends you love.

Increase Efficiency with Organization

Begin 2016 with a fresh start by decluttering all of your spaces and setting financial goals.

  • Get rid of items that have not been used all year. You will find that donating or discarding (broken or unusable) items that are not needed in your home will help clear your mind as well as your tabletops!
  • Set a reasonable budget for your projects. Home improvement costs can add up, but setting feasible budgets will make the decision process easier down the road. Put away a minimum amount for savings, but also have some cash set aside for doing things that you enjoy. Always plan to have enough for the essential living expenses like your mortgage, insurances, utilities to name a few.

Make Home Improvement A Must

Compile a list of the things you wish to do this year for your home and decide how urgent it is, when you’d like it done and how you’re going to do it. Prioritizing projects can help you make a clear-cut game plan

Although there will be some projects that will take a little more planning, they still need to be done- things like fixing your indoor plumbing, applying new shingles, and putting in new windows.
However, your entire list should not just be things that need to be done, but also fun things that will motivate you- such as re-decorating, installing new carpet, painting, and buying new furniture.

Keep Up With The New Color Trends

America’s taste is constantly changing and we are always looking for something different to put in our homes. Switching up the colors, choosing new frames, hanging new art or just changing your throw pillows can be very satisfying ways to update your home’s style.

Painting may seem like a huge commitment, but if you are motivated enough, it could be a fun project!

Picking the color that is right for you is not as easy as it may seem, so if you feel the need, speak with a professional interior designer and they will help guide you through the decision process and keep you in the loop with the latest trends. Paying an interior designer may seem counterintuitive when budgeting, but a brief meeting to help you make a game plan will cost less in the long run. Making the right choice the first time can prevent additional stress on both you and your wallet.

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