Avoid Deck Construction mistakes


If you mistakenly believe that building an attractive new deck for your home can’t be very complicated or difficult, you might decide to tackle it yourself or hire a general handyman for the job. The fact is, constructing a sturdy, stable and long-lasting deck takes experience, sound carpentry skills, and a thorough understanding of our local building codes. If it’s not done right, you can end up paying to have deck repairs made by a Sacramento contractor to fix construction mistakes like:

Uneven Stair Riser Heights

Building a set of steps for your deck can be tricky if you don’t have experience. If the risers aren’t spaced consistently, and at the proper height, falls and injuries can occur. A contractor who understands the building codes regarding deck construction knows that only 3/8 of an inch variation in riser height is allowed.

Improper Ledger Attachment

If your deck isn’t attached to your house with a correctly-installed ledger board, it can pull away gradually, or worse, collapse unexpectedly. Experienced deck carpenters know not to bolt the ledger board directly to the exterior cladding. Instead, they’ll fasten it securely through the home’s rim joist and into the wall studs or floor joists with a double row of 1/2-inch lag screws or through-bolts, spaced 16 inches apart.

Deck Posts Set In Concrete

Setting the posts in concrete sounds like a smart way to give your deck a solid foundation, but it’s not. Porous concrete absorbs water, which can then seep into the bottom of the posts. Over time, the post will start to deteriorate and become unstable. A carpenter who knows how to build a deck properly uses metal anchors to help prevent post decay.

Clearance and Access Issues

If you made up your own deck design or used a basic, one-size-fits-all plan, you or your handyman may not have considered the nearby low-hanging electrical lines, or the placement of your home’s egress basement windows and items like the dryer vent, existing electrical outlets, drainpipes or your outdoor faucet. If any such items are affected by your new deck, it’s wise to get the expert advice of an experienced local deck contractor on the best way to restore access and meet code-mandated clearance requirements.

If you’re concerned about possible mistakes in your deck’s construction and want to learn whether you need expert deck repairs at your Sacramento home, contact us at Straight Line Construction.

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