When you consider the job required of your roof to protect your home, pocketbook and comfort, calling it a super hero is a matter of simple fact. But working on your roof and home to lift curb appeal isn’t so simple, which is why you should work with a reputable roofing contractor with super skills. Following are some ideas that can give your roof and home super hero status in your neighborhood.

Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Skylights and sun tunnels make your roof a feature of exterior and interior design by infusing your home with beautiful natural light. These rooftop features can enliven and brighten practically any space in your home. From a sun tunnel in your master bath and kitchen, to skylights for a dormer bedroom, entries, decks, patios and great rooms, installing skylights and sun tunnels are a practical home-improvement project this spring or any season.

In fact, skylights and sun tunnels offer more benefits than beautifying your home.

  • Energy efficiency: Skylights and sun tunnels fill your rooms and home with natural light, which helps reduce lighting and heating bills.
  • Ventilation: Install skylights and sun tunnels that may be opened and closed via infrared remote to make ventilating your home a breeze.
  • Features: Select products are available with UV protection, rain sensor and built-in adjustable blinds.

Gutters, Siding and Landscaping

Are your gutters and siding needing some TLC? How about lawn and landscaping features? Your gutters, siding and landscaping features affect your home’s energy efficiency and resistance to the elements as much as they impact curb appeal.

  • Gutters: Repair gutter leaks or gutters that are pulling away from fascia. Clean the gutters two times a year. Make sure downspouts convey water six feet or more from your exterior walls.
  • Siding: Seal gaps between siding, walls and windows with expanding spray foam. If your siding is dirty or harboring algae and mold, wash it with a biodegradable cleaner.
  • Landscaping: Shrubs and other vegetation should be a few feet away from walls to allow airflow. Don’t use mulch around your home’s perimeter. Trim back trees that may break off during storms and damage your roof.

To make your roof a super hero system for your Sacramento-area home, work with a roofing contractor that has earned a stellar reputation and provides superior home services. Contact Straight Line Construction today to learn how we can fulfill your roofing and home exterior needs.