Metal roofing is a durable, fashionable alternative to asphalt-fiberglass shingles. Metal can take on the look of many other materials, or stand proudly as itself in giving your Sacramento home an eye-catching, appealing look. 

Types of Metal Roofing

Just as with other roofing materials, metal can be found in a wide price range and large selection of colors and textures. Some popular choices:

  • Metal shingles—caps your home with the smooth appearance of slate
  • Metal tile—combines tradition with technology by keeping clay’s curves but losing clay tiles’ weight
  • Metal shakes—the fireproof alternative to cedar shakes with plenty of color options and longer life
  • Vertical panels—crown your home with sleek, economical, pre-painted panels
  • Natural metal—ages to perfection, is fully recyclable, and heals minor damage by itself

Material and Surface Options

Metal roofing is available in many metals, which are known for their various attributes:

  • Aluminum—never rusts
  • Coated steel—reflects heat
  • Titanium alloy—strong and lightweight
  • Copper—its patina increases curb appeal
  • Zinc alloy—practical and weather-resistant
  • Stainless steel—greatest corrosion resistance

(Note: the surface of any metal roofing material can be treated to increase heat reflectivity, resist rust, take on any desired color, fight corrosion, or take on the appearance of asphalt, wood shake, clay or slate tile.)

Do-It-Yourself Metal Roof Repair From the Ground

Like any major investment in your Sacramento home, a metal roof requires regular maintenance and the work of professionals for extensive metal roof repair work. You can perform some minor work yourself, however. Without risking your safety, visually inspect your metal roof (from the safety of the ground) for:

  • Loose nails—They will have to be removed and replaced
  • Holes, rust, or any deterioration—A simple wire brush can remove rust spots, followed by a coat of prime and paint.
  • Leaks—Roofing Contractors can tend to this metal roof repair by locating the leak, then sealing it.
  • Open seams—Depending on the type of seam, a contractor can be brought in to seal the seams and edges

Professional Metal Roof Repair

Do not attempt repair work on your own – doing so can endanger your health and void a manufacturers warranty; call in a professional metal roofing specialist. Although metal roofing is durable, there are some repairs that are “common” when it comes to this material. When you do call in professionals, they will conduct a much more thorough inspection than you can safely perform, and assess problem areas:

  • Buckling
  • Incorrect flashing installation
  • Inferior boots around pipes and vent stacks
  • Loose counter flashing
  • Poor sealing around vents
  • Rust
  • Uplift

Metal roof repair time is far faster than with other roofing materials. Damaged pieces can be replaced without difficulty, the surface can be walked on year-round, and rust can be easily removed and treated.

If you have any questions about metal roofing for your home, contact our team at Straight Line Construction