It is essential to review your residential roofing standards. Whether you are looking for tile roof repair or installing new roofs for ground-up construction, it is vital to meet all requirements. The California roofing code defines all roofing standards and regulations in CA. Here are four essential things you should know.

Roofing Requirements

The California Roofing Laws have many strict requirements. The laws are even more stringent if you live in zones which experience strong winds and hurricanes. Some of the crucial areas addressed in the building code include:

  • Weather Protection and Wind Load Requirements
  • Plans, Permits, Inspections, and Reviews
  • Structural Design Requirements
  • Performance Requirements
  • Reroofing Laws

Roofing Contractor Licensing

Roofing contractors in California must be at least 18 years of age with four or more years of experience. This can be in the form of a degree from an accredited college in a construction-related field or real work experience with at least one year as a foreman. Contractors will then take an exam, and only those who score 70% or higher can apply for a license. 

The exam is organized by the California SLB (State Licensing Board). CSLB also conducts background and fingerprint checks before awarding licenses. Here’s why you should choose a licensed contractor.

  1. Insurance: Your provider will only pay for roofing services handled by licensed professionals.
  2. Accountability: You can hold licensed contractors to their word and report any misdemeanor.
  3. Skill: Licensed contractors know the standards and options available for CA residents. 

Roofing Business License and Insurance

Roofing jobs require more than one expert, so you’ll be working with a company. Roofing companies must have a business license, which permits them to offer services in CA. They must also provide workers compensation and observe all legal requirements around the business. Make sure you prioritize the license and insurance among the top questions to ask your roofing contractor.

Trade Organizations Membership

Roofing contractors can join trade organizations after getting a license. A great example is the Roofing Contractors Association of California (RCAC). It provides the latest information about roofing standards and enhancements in the industry. Make sure you choose contractors who are part of a reputable organization. 

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