Your pressing need for a new roof cannot wait until you gather together the full payment. Roofs function or fail in their own time, and a leaking roof waits for no bank. Fortunately, you can get residential roof replacement done with no money. Really. Here’s how. 

Don’t Delay

No roof ever repairs itself, and delaying the decision to get a complete residential roof replacement is never a wise move. The longer you wait to contact roofers, the worse your roof can get. Mold, mildew, water infiltration, soaked insulation, even rotted rafters can all happen very quickly. 

You ask yourself, “How can I pay for my roof with no money?” But you are not trapped in a bleak and sad novel by Charles Dickens. You have access to financing, right from your roofer!

Peace of Mind

Financing through a reliable, local roofer gives you peace of mind on two fronts: your roofer installs a beautiful new replacement roof, and you do not need to wait for other lenders to consider your needs. 

Possible sources for financing a new roof include:

  • Borrowing against your home from your mortgage holder (a home equity line of credit or a second mortgage)
  • A personal loan through a local lender
  • You may qualify for an Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Title 1 loan
  • Your homeowners insurance company, if the reason for the ruined roof is related to a covered event

None of these is as fast or easy as financing for the roof through the very people who will install the roof! Most of the financing methods involve high interest rates, often based on your credit history. 


Your local roofer can provide very attractive interest rates. You may even be able to snag a “No Payments and No Interest” loan for the roof replacement. Under this plan, you can get your new roof with no money, and take a full year to set money aside when payments start coming due. 

Savvy roofing companies recognize how challenging life can be in a difficult economy. Superior roofers work with local lenders and industry leaders, such as Ygrene Financing and Service Financial Company, LLC to help customers connect to the cash they need.

Roofers know a new roof cannot wait. So the best roofers make financing just part of the full customer service. Contact us at Straight Line Roofing & Construction to learn more about all we do to help you.