When you need to have the roof replaced on your Sacramento home, it’s important to understand what to expect in terms of the overall cost. Knowing what goes into roof replacement costs can help you determine your budget for this type of job. There are certain things you should look for when you’re gathering information on the cost of a roof replacement.

1. Roof Replacement Difficulty

How difficult or complex your roof replacement is will affect the total cost. Labor costs for a roof replacement will be higher if you have a steeper roof, since it’s more difficult for roofers to walk around safely while working. Having more than one layer of shingles on your roof can also result in a higher cost. Roofers have to spend more time and effort removing each layer of shingles before replacing your roof.

2. Replacement of Roof Components

When you’re getting an estimate on your roof replacement, keep in mind this includes having certain components replaced. Some of these components include the underlayment, drip edge, and ice and water shield. You’ll also need to have the flashing replaced.

Replacing your roof also involves tearing off and disposing of the old materials. Removing bad decking and replacing it is another part of a roof replacement job. These costs should be included in the estimate you get.

3. Detailed Estimate

Take a close look at your roof replacement estimate, which should include plenty of detailed information. You should see costs for certain tasks performed by professional roofers, such as tearing off the roof instead of only supplying shingles and reroofing. Professionals will also remove any waste on your property from your roof replacement rather than leaving it for you to clean up.

4. High-Quality Workmanship and Professionalism

Working with a professional roofer means you can expect higher costs overall. However, you’ll also be getting high-quality service and workmanship, which is well worth a higher estimate. Hiring a professional roofer with years of experience helps ensure your roof replacement is done properly, so you’ll have a lower risk of needing repairs. If you need a shingle roof replacement, contact Straight Line Construction in Sacramento. Our expert roofers can provide you with dependable and superior service.