There are so many different options to consider during the process of getting a new roof. From your roofing contractor suggestions to the material and color you want your roof to be, the options can be overwhelming. If you choose asphalt shingles for your roof, like many homeowners in Sacramento do, you need trustworthy information to make the right decision. This will help you get the best roof while also staying within your budget. Use these tips to help you choose the best asphalt shingle for you. 

1. Durability

While many people want to know about style and color first, savvy homeowners focus on quality. What the shingles are made of determines whether they’ll still look great 15-25 years from now. Durability is determined by how much material is used and the manner in which the shingle is constructed.

All CertainTeed shingles are reinforced with fiberglass with the shingles manufactured and fused as laminated layers. Most options provide 4 or 5 layers of coverage over the whole shingle field. Many CertainTeed products are heavyweight, weighing more than 250lbs per square, giving them better resistance to wind, cracking, cupping, and impact.

GAF is also fiberglass-reinforced and made of fused layers. Correctly overlapped installation can ensure 3 or 4 layers of coverage. (This is why GAF doesn’t offer extended warranties.)

Owens Corning shingles come in many different architectural designs, including Oakridge or Duration shingles, with sure-nail technology designed to make nailing easier for contractors and stronger for homeowners.

2. Lifespan

Some shingles last longer when properly maintained. CertainTeed shingles offer the longest lifespan of 50 years and beyond. Owens Corning offers a lifetime warranty for many of their shingles and you can expect them to last 20-25 years. GAF, on the other hand, offers a wide range of roofing shingles with varied lifespans of as low as 20 years.

3. Aesthetic Look 

All three brands have a large selection of shingles, so finding several good-looking options to suit your home’s style, architecture, and setting won’t be hard. As the largest manufacturer of residential roofing shingles, GAF has the best selection overall. GAF Timberline Architectural Shingles are the best-selling shingle line with each category produced in 8+ colors.

As you browse CertainTeed shingle styles, you’ll notice upmarket designs are still the top priority. Grand Manor comes in thick, randomly cut slate-style shingles in 10 different colors and 425lbs/square.

Owens Corning also offers a wide range of styles, including Oakridge Laminated Architectural Roof Design, Supreme Tab Roof Shingles, TruDefinition Duration Laminated, and Oakridge Estate Gray Laminated Architectural Design.

4. Energy efficiency 

Most people select roofing materials with an eye for color and style. However, it’s important to add energy savings to the list. Energy-efficient roofing shingles save energy by reducing the load on your HVAC system. They keep your roof and your entire home cooler by reflecting some of the sun’s UV rays rather than absorbing it.

Regardless of the brand, these types of shingles will give you fewer color choices for energy efficiency since they tend to absorb heat. You can choose medium browns and grays if you prefer a darker roof color, but black and dark brown aren’t Energy Star rated.

5. Cost 

When budgeting for a new roof, keep in mind the cost of the roofing materials, as well as the cost of installation and labor, will impact your bottom line. You need to account for the total square footage the shingles will cover. If you have a wider roof area to cover, you might consider choosing cheaper materials.

Generally, the average price of CertainTeed shingles is much higher than Owens Corning and GAF products, although the price difference is not as huge as it used to be a decade ago. CertainTeed is seeking a bigger cut of the market, so it has significantly reduced prices on its middle-of-the-road products.

Additionally, GAF shingles are sold merely everywhere roofing materials are available for sale. CertainTeed, however, prefers to sell its products through wholesalers to roofing companies.

6. Storms 

There are other important features you should look for to know if your shingles will stand up to Californian weather. For example, Owens Corning’s SureNail strip ensures your shingles are firmly secured to your home, preventing wind damage. 

Extreme winds can tear off lighter shingles, while heavy snow can add extreme weight to roofs already overwhelmed by heavy materials. Also, some roofing shingles have sun-reflective or cooling properties, making them useful in hot climates. Additionally, consider shingles which can stand up very well to heat and fire. Ultimately, you should always work with a roofing contractor with longstanding expertise to help you choose the best material for your roof, from looks to budget needs. Straight Line Construction in Sacramento, CA can help. Contact us today to learn more about your options when installing a new roof.