Not only does your siding add to the aesthetics of your home, it also acts as a shield for the structural components and protects your indoor environment from the elements. If you’re debating whether to invest in new siding, here are some telltale signs that it’s time.

High Energy Bills

Have you taken steps like sealing and insulating the attic and weatherizing your home’s exterior but you’re still paying too much for heating and cooling? If so, a lack of sufficient insulation or sources of air leakage in the exterior walls may be the culprit. Installing new siding gives you an opportunity to fix any leaks and re-insulate to tighten up the thermal envelope and lower your energy costs.

Evidence of Insects or Dry Rot

Dry rot and pests like termites can destroy wood siding or the structural components in your exterior walls. Dry rot is actually caused by a wood-devouring fungus, and wood that’s infected is more susceptible to termite infestations. If you’re replacing wood siding due to dry rot or termite damage, you may want to talk to a siding contractor about the benefits of more durable alternatives like cement board.

Tired, Faded Appearance

The sun’s powerful rays can prematurely age your siding and make it look worn out and faded. As the surface erodes, it’s often more difficult to remove stains, grime and dirt, and the siding may need more frequent staining or painting. Having new siding installed can eliminate those maintenance woes, and give your home a fresh, updated look that boosts its curb appeal.

Age-Related Deterioration

The lifespan of your siding largely depends on the type of material its made from and how well it’s installed. With continuous exposure to the sun, wind and rain, siding can develop warped, wavy boards, gaps, seam separations or buckled areas. If you inspect the exterior and see any of these signs of deterioration, it’s time to call a reputable siding contractor to discuss your options.

Damage to Your Home’s Interior

Flaws in the siding give moisture an easy entry route into your home, where it can damage the interior finishes. If you find stains on the walls, ceilings or woodwork, or areas of bubbling or peeling paint inside the home and your roof is in good repair, have your siding evaluated.

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