Your Sacramento-area home needs a new roof, but you also want to do your part to protect our fragile environment. Are metal roofs more energy efficient than other types of residential roofing? 


For all you TLDR (too long; didn’t read) Type-A folks out there, the short and sweet answer is yes, metal roofs are highly energy-efficient for residential use. 

Metal roofs are more energy efficient — by far — than any shingle product (asphalt, composite, fiberglass-asphalt). They also beat out wood products like shakes and wood shingles. 

Cool-metal roofing uses a highly reflective surface, light paint pigments, and a reflective protective clear coat to fend off the sun’s infrared radiation (heat). Shingles tend to absorb heat. That’s why the impartial experts at How Stuff Works put energy savings at around 50 percent over shingles. 

Installation Matters

The energy efficiency of a cool metal roof very much depends on two things:

  • Airspace between the metal roofing panels and the roof deck
  • A well-trained, experienced roofing crew to install the metal roofing

Shingles are nailed directly to your home’s underlayment and sheathing. Properly installed, highly energy-efficient metal roofing is attached to battens that give ¾-inch airspace between panels and sheathing. That air space helps reduce heat conduction into your home. The finished metal surface of the roof reflects a lot of heat, and what little heat is absorbed cannot easily transfer into your home. 

To get the best installation of the most energy-efficient metal roofing, use an experienced roofer. Metal roof installation requires highly skilled roofers. It is specialized work.

A good metal roofing contractor can provide you with great energy savings from a comparatively modestly priced metal roof. A fly-by-night contractor can destroy your home’s energy efficiency and ruin your investment in the best quality metal roof. Insist on a superior contractor. 

Do Your Part

That metal roof you contract to install this year will work for roughly 50 years (on average), returning energy savings every year. You will do your part to protect our environment, reduce landfill waste, and leave a smaller carbon footprint than neighbors installing two or three shingle roofs in the same length of time. Good for you! Good for the earth!

Sacramento-area homeowners are fortunate to have Straight Line Roofing & Construction for all metal roofing needs. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your home, boost your energy efficiency, and enjoy a beautiful metal roof for years to come.