If your Sacramento home is gracefully crowned with a gleaming metal roof, congratulations! You can look forward to some five decades of worry-free service from that durable roof. But do metal roofs need maintenance? They do, but not nearly as much as shingle roofs. Here are the ABCs of TLC for your metal roof

A. Not the Metal

Most of the maintenance needs for a metal roof are unrelated to the metal itself. Metal roofs are made with sturdy, hefty metals like galvalume, galvanized steel, native copper, and heavy-gauge aluminum. These metals can withstand 50-plus years of the worst weather, shrugging off high winds, heavy rains, and even hail and sleet.

The part of every metal roof that requires consistent care is the finish. Most metal roofs have two finishes, the paint and a protective clear coat. Both deserve attention, but that protective topcoat is vital to your roof’s health.

When the clear coat and paint are damaged, rust and corrosion can set in and attack the bare metal.

  • Copper will oxidize and turn green.
  • Steel will turn to the reddish-brown of iron oxide (rust). 
  • Even aluminum can corrode, though it does not rust. It will get dark patches and pitting. 

B. Where’s the Wear?

Trained professionals should maintain residential metal roofs because they are slippery, treacherous surfaces. So never consider going up on your Sacramento-area home’s metal roof for any reason. When you engage a professional roofer, the roofer will inspect every mechanical fastener.

Thermal expansion and contraction can cause the drilled holes for mechanical fasteners to elongate. The fasteners themselves may loosen, and the constant tug of metal against metal can scrape away the clear coat. The solution is simple in the hands of trained roofers: careful application of a fresh clear coat to inhibit corrosion and seal in the paint once more. 

C. This and That

Your courteous, skilled roofer will also clean the metal roof of dirt and debris, clearing gutters and inspecting seams. The roofer will ensure no contact between dissimilar metals (galvanic corrosion). They will also check and repair sealants and flashing as needed.

A well-maintained metal roof brings value and beauty to your home. You also gain peace of mind and save money by avoiding intensive repairs.

Contact Straight Line Roofing & Construction today to ensure your metal roof is performing at its best. Don’t have a metal roof but are curious about its many benefits? We can help with that, too!