Fortunately for us, Placerville is not in the tropics, where folks may have over 30 feet of rain a year. Be we still get rain, averaging nearly 40 inches a year, so we need sturdy roofing over our heads and also a reliable gutter system.

A perfectly installed roof will not protect you from water infiltration unless rainwater is systematically pulled away from your home. Straight Line Roofing has the experience and knowledge to not only install a new roof for your Placerville home, but to provide adequate drainage with a gutter system.

Life Without Gutters

Imagine you have paid a lot of money for a new roof, but failed to have a gutter system installed. When water sheds off your roof, where will it go? With no gutter system, rainwater does 5 things:

  1. At the roof’s edge, some water moves back toward your home’s walls by capillary action, entering your attic and rotting the fascia board.
  2. Water that drips down off the roof saturates the earth near your foundation, keeping the foundation damp and risking water infiltration into your crawlspace or basement.
  3. Water dripping from the roof onto patios, porches, decks, sidewalks, and walkways will pond, making surfaces slippery and eventually weakening and discoloring cement and mortar.
  4. Where roof sections meet as valleys, the valleys create waterfalls that not only saturate your lawn but also splash water back through open windows, increasing home humidity and leading to mold and mildew.
  5. Water that drips off a roof edge onto a central air conditioner’s outdoor cabinet can accelerate fan or condenser rusting.

Gutter Systems

The gutter system around your Placerville home may look deceptively simple, but it has several parts that, taken together, form an efficient system of water removal:

    • Spikes and ferrules, strap hangers, or fascia brackets hold gently sloping gutters against your fascia boards
    • End-capped gutters terminate at drop outlets
    • Drop outlets connect to downspouts
    • Downspouts follow your home’s exterior walls using downspout elbows and brackets
    • Downspout extensions carry water away from your foundation
    • Gutter guards keep gutters from clogging

Gutter Maintenance

Just as important as correct installation of a complete gutter system is routine maintenance. Without upkeep, your Placerville home’s gutter system can clog, allowing water to collect by the gallon, and potentially backing up under your roof covering. This water also causes them to sag and provides a breeding ground for unwelcome insects.

Regular roof and gutter maintenance can prevent expensive damage to your Placerville home. Straight Line is happy to be able to provide Roof Maintenance Plans, which include maintenance on gutters.

For any other questions on gutter systems, or to have gutters installed, contact Straight Line Roofing.