Throughout the Sacramento area, Straight Line Roofing has seen that garden roofs, one form of green roofing, is becoming more and more popular. The reason why is because it helps bring nature into the city. It gives small animals places to live, gives the human eye something more appealing to look at and helps homeowners feel closer to Mother Nature. Best of all, green roofing is eco-friendly.

What is Garden Roofing?

Garden roofs are also referred to as living roofs, vegetated roofs and eco-roofs. There are three forms of eco-roofing that can be seen in Sacramento and other areas of the world. They are:

  • Intensive – Requires lots of maintenance
  • Semi-Intensive – Requires some maintenance
  • Extensive – Requires minimum maintenance

What all types have in common is vegetation. Vegetation is used to create a garden roof and sometimes these roofs are simply basic gardens. Garden roofs have become popular because it allows people to grow food, herbs, and flowers for families while adding a bit of nature in the area that does not have a lot of nature surrounding it.

What Types of Vegetation are Used to Create a Garden Roof?

The types of vegetation used to create a garden roof depends on the type desired. If a traditional garden is desired with lots of vegetables and a lawn to play on, loads of soil and irrigation systems would be necessary to help maintain the area. This type of roof garden generally requires lots of hard work because of the vegetables, herbs, and fruits usually grown in them and is an example of intensive eco-roofing.

If someone wanted a roof that was self-sustaining where little maintenance was required, then moss, herbs, and bulb-like plants would be used instead. This is because moss doesn’t grow as fast and bulb-like plants and herbs grow back each year without having to replant them. This form of roofing would be an example of extensive eco-roofing, which you can see in many places around Sacramento.

When it comes to semi-intensive eco-roofing, it is usually a combination of intensive and extensive. Some hard work and irrigation will be required, but should be easy to keep thriving with less effort.

Bottom Line

Eco-friendly garden green roofing is a great natural way to bring Mother Nature into cities such as Sacramento and into homes where nature isn’t abundant. It also helps weatherproof homes naturally and provides a place of calmness.

If you are interested in learning more about green roofing and want to know if a garden roof would be appropriate for your rooftop, contact Straight Line Roofing.