Experts are predicting that we’ll see the return of El Niño in 2014. Are you prepared? More importantly, is your home prepared to withstand the elements of a huge storm season? Roofing and gutters offer your first line of protection against major storms.

Meteorologists have been watching conditions in the Pacific and predict a strong likelihood of El Niño conditions this fall. The ocean has warmed up enough that we can expect heavier rainfall and more storms for California—even far enough inland to wreak havoc in Placerville.

Preparing Your Home for El Niño

It’s best to prepare for the worst. Don’t assume that El Niño will disappear, or hope that the storms will strike elsewhere. Once the storms begin, homeowners in Placerville can expect an onslaught of heavy winds and torrential rains.

Remember the basic steps of preparing for storms:

  • Stock up on water and pantry foods.
  • Remove weak tree limbs that may fall on the house.
  • Get your roof and gutters inspected by professionals.
  • Repair roofing and install a stronger gutter system, if necessary.

Call for a Roof Inspection Before the Storms

If your roof has existing damage—even just a few missing tiles or dents here and there—the heavy rains of El Niño could easily cause further damage to the roof and cause property damage to your whole home.

The trouble is that you might not be able to spot the current damage. You need professional roofers to investigate and look for weak spots. Call Straight Line Roofing for a professional opinion and we’ll inspect and repair your roof before El Niño hits.

Your Gutter System Protects the Entire Home

When heavy rains come, you need a gutter system that is able to redirect the water away from the roof and away from your home’s foundation; Straight Line can determine if your gutter system is sufficient to handle the heavy rain. Water must be able to easily flow from the roof, into the gutters, through the downspouts and then be redirected far enough away from your home. We can make sure your gutter system works efficiently to prevent critical damage to the house.

If your gutters are old, brittle, or have trouble handling rain, have Straight Line Roofing inspect them and make a recommendation. We install premium steel and copper gutters as well as efficient and easy-maintenance vinyl and aluminum systems.

Heed the warnings of top weather experts: El Niño is on its way, and Placerville households need to prepare! Contact Straight Line Roofing for a free roof and gutter inspection.