Go ahead and call your folks. They’re worried about you, and they want to make sure you’re safe after the storm. But they’re not the most important call to make after a storm damages your roof — your roofer is.

What to Do Before Storm Damage

Get to know your Sacramento-area home’s roof, and definitely get to know your local roofer. By having a passing familiarity with your normal, healthy roof, you don’t have to stand in your yard (never venture onto your roof) second-guessing whether a particular spot looks the same or worse after a storm. 

By having your local, friendly roofer’s telephone number handy, and depending on your neighborhood roofer for annual inspections, routine maintenance, and minor repairs, you build a relationship you can lean into when storm damage hits your roof.

What to Do After Storm Damage

Hail alone caused some $13 billion in damages for 2019, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). You are not expected to roll over and accept storm damage to your roof. You need to make two calls (yes, call your folks also):

  1. Call your local, dependable roofer
  2. Call your insurance company

Why call your roofer first? Your roofer should come out at the earliest possible moment to inspect the damage and provide you with an estimate for repairs or total roof replacement. You need to make the call immediately, to prevent further damage to your Sacramento-area home. 

A quick call can prevent long-term damage, or spreading damage, from overlooked problems. Your home’s living space can degrade from a roof leak, from torn or missing shingles, or from badly damaged roofing tiles. A tiny roof leak caused by minimal storm damage could turn into a virtual torrent of water the longer you wait. 

One Call Not to Make

Some unscrupulous contractors swoop in after storms. Avoid these storm chasers who have no local, physical address. They swoop in to take insurance payouts, perform sub-par roofing repairs, and then make a fast exit. You will never be able to get a storm chaser to return to correct a faulty installation or repair. 

At Straight Line Construction we want to be your first call (well, after your folks) after a storm. We are local, reliable, and here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can help restore your Sacramento-area home after a storm damages your roof.