Who you gonna call when you have ghosts? Yeah, yeah, we know. But: who do you call when your roof leaks? A roofer. Here is why. 

Reading the Signs

Roofers know the tell-tale signs of leaks in any type of roof. Some are obvious to homeowners:

  • Actual water dripping inside your living space
  • Heavy discoloration in ceilings, around crown molding, or on walls
  • Musty smells or the smell of mildew, especially during damp weather
  • Chilly, damp indoor air during winter
  • High humidity in the living space in spring, summer, or fall

You might notice granules in your gutters, which you can safely diagnose by climbing a short extension ladder (avoid trying to go on the roof itself). You can also climb into your home’s attic. See daylight? Wet insulation? Dripping water? You have roof leaks. 

Other signs are visible to roofers but are likely to be missed by untrained eyes. No homeowner should risk going out on the roof, but a skilled roofer can inspect the roof and find:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Damaged, rusted, or corroded metal roofing
  • Exposed flashing, underlayment, or sheathing
  • Mold, moss, or sometimes algae growing on the roof
  • Signs of insect or rodent entry
  • Gutters pulling away from the fascia
  • Branches or overhanging limbs scraping against the roof

Solving the Problem

You have many choices in solving your roof leak. Call a general contractor? Do it yourself? Hire the weird handyman with his throwback Econoline van? Those are all the expensive mistakes other homeowners make. Not you.

You call a local, reliable roofer. Why? Roofers specialize in roofing systems, and your Sacramento-area home has a complex roofing system. Every part must work to keep you warm and dry. 

A general contractor is not a roofing expert. Neither are any of the other folks, including — forgive our bluntness — yourself. To get the best leak repair in the shortest time, go with your local, trustworthy roofer.

A roofer knows local weather conditions, will be available for follow-up roofing care in future years, and knows how to perform the leak repair using the correct materials. Your local roofer can solve your leaky roof problem quickly and professionally. 

Who you gonna call when your roof leaks? Straight Line Construction! Please contact us today if you have signs of a leaky roof, worry your roof might leak, or think ghosts or water damage may be lurking in your attic.