Mold is a menace. While some internet chatter has exaggerated its risk, mold is a very real and worrisome problem for Sacramento-area homeowners. It affects indoor air quality, health, and home value. Let’s take a look at the problem and the solution. 

Problem: Mold Issues are Real

Unfortunately, in bids to sell services, many companies have flooded the internet with misleading information about mold. Green mold does not automatically mean a rush to the ER. 

Still, the Centers for Disease Control say black and green molds are risky to anyone with delicate respiratory systems or compromised immune systems. Your Sacramento-area home’s indoor air quality will suffer from thriving mold spores. Once mold takes hold, it spreads rapidly

How rapidly? Even though you cannot see the microscopic mold spores propagating, they can germinate on moist, dark surfaces in 24 to 48 hours. Within 12 days mold could be throughout your attic, interior walls, and ceilings.

You will not see this mold until around 18 days after initial germination. Then, you may suddenly notice mycelia of mildew (tendrils branching out like roots), smell the characteristic musty odor of mold, or see dark blotches on walls and ceilings. The underside of your roof sheathing could be completely dark from black mold within around three weeks. 

Solution: Fix Roof Leaks Promptly

While, once again, the internet is rampant with fix-it sprays and goops and “weird tricks” to get rid of mold, the surest way to permanently prevent mold from setting up housekeeping in your home is by robbing it of the moisture it needs.

This means fixing roof leaks promptly. Any signs of active water infiltration are alerts to you to contact your local, helpful roofer. Fix the roof leaks, end the water droplets, save your insulation and drywall, and keep mold from spreading.

If you have an active leak or suspect water has given mold a headstart in your attic, try a one-two knockout punch:

  1. Call your reliable roofer to end the roof leak fast.
  2. Contact a mold remediation company to get the mold out of your home for good.

Just as the mold remediation service cannot fix your roof, your residential roofer cannot remove mold, and neither should you (sorry, YouTube!).

Straight Line Construction is your Sacramento-area ally in the fight against mold and bad indoor air quality. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you with roof leaks.