Siding can have a huge impact on the way your home works, inside and out. There are many problems that can go wrong with your home’s exterior siding, but there are just as many benefits to installing new siding. Decreasing your energy bills, cutting down on drafts, an increase in weather resistance, and an updated curb appeal are a few of the many benefits new siding can bring you.

Green Siding Options

Recently, vinyl siding has been proven to be harmful to the environment in more ways than one, but there are some environmentally friendly options that are available. Research the effects of vinyl siding more before you make your final decision, and consider the “green” siding options.

Energy Efficiency

When you replace your siding, no matter what kind it is, there are bound to be many benefits. New siding will increase insulation properties and decrease your energy bills.

Insulated Siding

Although this kind of siding can be more expensive, it will pay off through money saved on your heating bills. Insulated siding not only insulates better and is very energy efficient, but it also has color fading resistance. Insulated siding has a UV resistance rate higher than any other style.

Shingled Siding

Shake and shingle siding will blow your home’s curb appeal through the roof, and fit in perfectly with almost any aesthetic. Shake siding has that proper and prestigious look that adds to your home’s curb appeal and looks great anywhere!.

Traditional Siding

Traditional siding is low maintenance, versatile, economical, and beautiful, which makes it the perfect option for anyone on a budget. So, if you’re looking for something simple, standard, and classic yet, just right, choose traditional siding for your home.


If your home has a lot of architectural value, you may not even want to put siding on your home! Painting your home can be an option similar to siding that won’t draw attention away from the beauty and detail of your home. Just be sure to check with your local contractor to see what options are best suited for your home.

Thoroughly consider all siding options ahead of you, but consult a contractor before making the big decision. Connect with Straight Line Construction to talk with a trustworthy contractor in your area to help you decide which siding option would work best for you and your home.