As you mull over the best way to replace the windows of your home in the Sacramento Valley, you have to weigh many factors: cost, energy efficiency and maintenance.  Regarding energy efficiency, at least, your decision is simple. Look for the material that is mostly air. This sounds absurd, but insulation—and therefore energy efficiency—works by trapping air to prevent thermal conduction between materials. Virgin vinyl, the material used in an Anlin replacement window, does this best.

The Anlin Vinyl Window

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) provides the window energy efficiency ratings that help you choose windows for new and remodeling projects.

One of our favorite products, Anlin Windows, uses QuadraTherm and Infinite Plus glazing systems. These two industry-leading methods provide a lightweight vinyl window that excels in durability, strength and energy efficiency. Because of this, they receive strong ratings with the NFRC. When an Anlin vinyl window is installed in your home, you gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs all year, every yearAnlin’s superior engineering includes silicone memory foam spacers with three insulating chambers, reducing heat conduction
  • High performance virgin vinyl—Less maintenance, greater durability and superior looks
  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Argon gas between double-glazed panes provides maximum thermal barrier, while still allowing clear, beautiful views

Energy Efficiency

Anlin vinyl replacement windows achieve high energy efficiency by using virgin vinyl (this plastic traps millions of tiny air bubbles that reduce heat conduction into or out of your Sacramento-area home), triple-chamber silicone spacers, and ¾” overall thickness glass units. These windows are NFRC Thermal Performance Certified.

Your exact window specifications will dictate what level of energy efficiency your new Anlin windows provide. Anlin offers not one, but five energy efficient window lines:

  • Del Mar
  • Catalina
  • Del Mar-E
  • Catalina-E
  • Coronado

The NFRC’s ratings provide helpful consumer information on energy efficiency measurements:

  • U-Factor
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • Visible Transmittance

NFRC also measures energy bandits like air leakage and condensation resistance. In all cases, Anlin vinyl replacement windows meet or exceed the federal government’s Energy Star guidelines.

To learn more about how vinyl windows can solve your remodeling dilemma while improving your home’s energy efficiency, contact Straight Line Construction today.