There are multiple siding options for homeowners in the Sacramento area that will add both value and aesthetic appeal to your home. Consider the following factors when determining which siding best suits your needs:


How well will your siding stand up to the test of time? Through experience, the Straight Line Construction team has narrowed down the number of manufacturers that we recommend.

Home Value

Whether you plan to stay in your home for decades to come or are putting it on the market soon, new siding increases your property value.

Curb Appeal

In addition to value, great siding improves the appearance of your home. Neighbors and guests are certain to appreciate the aesthetic value that attractive siding brings to your home. If selling your home, potential buyers are more likely to consider a property that does not require extensive maintenance or repairs.


The amount of time and energy you wish to expend annually on maintaining your siding is another consideration when viewing your siding options. While cement boards require little more than an annual cleaning, other choices require regular painting or staining to remain visually appealing.


Your budget is an important consideration for any home maintenance and repair projects. Determine how much you have to invest in your new siding before you begin. This allows you to focus on the options that are within your price range. You may consider saving in order to afford the ideal siding for your home rather than purchasing a less expensive option that will not meet your long-term needs.


Our siding options include various designs so you can find the perfect solution for your home. Check with your local HOA if necessary to ensure that the new siding you choose will be acceptable. Also, think about the architectural style and general landscaping of your property.


From durable cement board to economical wood siding, there are several materials to choose from. Each has pros and cons that can be discussed with the contracting company that you work with.


The color of your siding dramatically influences the appearance of the finished project. Decide which one has the greatest appeal for your home design and surroundings.

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