Wooden decks offer a perfect place to relax and spend good moments with your family. But think about it. These decks usually take a lot of abuse. They receive a lot of traffic and are constantly exposed to harsh weather elements.

You need to learn how to maintain your new wooden deck, cleaning and treating it often. This prevents it from discoloring and wearing out quickly. It also keeps away moisture trapped deep inside the deck from attracting fungal spores. Here some tips to help you keep your deck in perfect condition.

Sweep to remove debris

The first step is to sweep the wooden deck, removing all dirt and debris. If any unreachable particles are stuck down in-between boards, use a putty knife or a screwdriver to remove them. Be careful, though, to not damage your wooden deck.

Wash away the dirt

Hook a hose to a tap and turn on the water and thoroughly clean the deck. Hold the water hose high (about 6 to 12 inches above the deck). This allows the spraying water to remove all the dirt in between the boards. Keep the pressure low to prevent damaging the deck.

Apply a cleaner

If there are any stains on the deck, you can apply a cleaner to remove them. Simply use a stiff-bristled brush broom or a paint roller to apply the cleaner. After cleaning the entire deck, allow it to soak for some time. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Before you do the cleaning, ensure you cover or remove any plants on the deck as most cleaners can kill them.

Seal the deck

When you install a new deck, you have to seal it to block ultra-violet light and to repel water which could damage it. Sealing also prevents mildew and mold from growing inside the wood. Before you apply the sealer, sand the deck lightly to remove any remaining dirt. Once you are done, apply the sealer with a roller, covering about three or four boards at a time. For the benches and railings, use smaller brushes.

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