Most Californians, says the U.S. Census Bureau, will move around 11.4 times in their lifetimes. Sure, some of those moves involve no homes (college, military service), but for most Shingle Springs residents, selling and buying a home is part of their past and future. You need every strategy available to boost curb appeal and home value when considering a future sale. 

Increased Home Value Pays Off

You definitely want to get the most for your investment when resale time arrives, and one way to do this is by using “builder-grade” materials in any remodeling. With builder-grade materials you get more substantial, durable, higher quality materials than can be found in home improvement stores. 

Using builder-grade new siding pays off in many ways for most Shingle Springs homeowners. Experts at Cost Versus Value peg the typical new siding cost for various materials this way:

  • Fiber cement replacement siding — Cost: $20,064; Resale Value: $15,647; Cost Recouped: 78%
  • Vinyl replacement siding — Cost: $16,937; Resale Value: $12,687; Cost Recouped: 74.9%

Longevity of New Siding

You may not have immediate plans to move, so investing in builder-grade siding allows you to reap the benefits while you live in your home while preserving home value for a future resale. 

Builder grade replacement siding will last far longer than siding purchased at a home improvement store. Properly installed by trained siding technicians, fiber cement, plywood, engineered wood or vinyl siding can last decades. 

Easy Maintenance

Today’s siding solutions emphasize easy maintenance. Gone are the days of annual scraping, filling, sanding and repainting your wood siding. The siding choices available to you, our Shingle Springs customer, allow for fast, easy cleaning every now and then.  

Spend a little time researching siding. Working with your local, helpful siding contractor can save you a lot of time on siding maintenance later. 

Curb Appeal

The best reason to invest in replacement siding is to boost curb appeal. What do neighbors and prospective buyers see first when looking at your home? Not the granite countertops; not the master bathroom suite. They see the siding. Chipped, sagging, failing siding drives down buyer interest. Fresh, beautiful replacement siding boosts curb appeal and entices buyers. 

Are you unsure how to approach a replacement siding project? Contact the professionals of Straight Line Construction today! We will be happy to help you select from our many available siding choices from premier manufacturers.