How important is one tiny inch? The Swedish warship Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 because the ship carpenters used different rulers. Their rulers from Sweden were 12 inches long and rulers from Amsterdam were only 11 inches! Result? The ship’s port side was thicker than its starboard side. Your home’s seamless gutters must fit perfectly, to the fraction of an inch. Here’s how precise, flawlessly fitting, seamless gutters are made. 


If gutters only came in standard sizes, your Sacramento-area home could never properly drain water off your roof. Gutters need to fit perfectly. The only right way to craft them is to custom-build them on-site, at your home. 

A factory is fine for most home building materials. But a portable factory is the best way to ensure your Sacramento-area home’s new seamless gutters fit precisely. Our gutter installers bring a factory on wheels to you, to build your gutters on-site. 

How Seamless Gutters Are Made

Our large gutter truck contains two vital pieces of equipment: a large, long coil of precision-made metal in your desired color, and a gutter machine that folds that long piece of metal into the gutter profile of your choice. 

Not only is the metal coil the correct width for your chosen gutter profile, but it is also finished with precisely the color you want. You can choose from dozens of in-stock colors or arrange for a custom color to complement your home’s exterior. 

The truck and the expertly trained technicians arrive at your home, make careful measurements, and then custom-roll your seamless gutters right out of the back of the truck. 

No Seams

The whole point of a custom-made, perfectly measured seamless gutter is to minimize seams that could leak.

Sure, your gutter has to look nice, be the right color for your home, and be large enough to carry the volume of water coming off your roof. But a pretty gutter with leaky seams is not good for your foundations.

Gutters carry foundation-eroding water away from your home. That is the most important thing your gutters must do. Seamless gutters only have seams at turns, angles, and downspouts. No seams along those elegant, long runs across the front of your house means no leaks! Please contact Straight Line Construction today so that we may bring our truck to your Sacramento-area site and bring bright, new seamless gutters to your home!