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GutterShutter front view

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Straight Line Construction is proud to be a certified GutterShutter installer! We are thrilled to provide this premium water-shedding system to California homeowners.

How Does the GutterShutter Work?

The GutterShutter uses reverse curve technology. It allows the water to follow the nose of the hood section, into the gutter below, while all other debris is shed off the roof. Its high-back water trough ensures that there is a watertight seal from the roofline down.

GutterShutter technology explained

Why GutterShutter?

The GutterShutter is “the best leaf and debris gutter protection system available for your home!” This seamless system is guaranteed to never clog or pull away from your roof. Because it fastens under the drip edge instead of under the shingle, it cannot damage your roof or void any roofing warranties you may have. It is made of the heaviest aluminum that can be processed by gutter machines and adds both curb appeal and value to your home. It comes in a wide variety of colors that are sure to match every home and roofing system.

GutterShutter Color Options

GutterShutter Triple Warranty

We are so confident that this gutter system is the best on the market that we offer three warranties. Each warranty is 100% guaranteed, non-prorated, and FULLY transferable.

No-Clog: This lifetime warranty ensures that if the system ever were to clog, we will take full responsibility for it and fix it FREE of charge.

Never Pull Away: This warranty states that if our clog-free systems ever pull away from the fascia, we’ll correct the problem for FREE.

Finish: This 20-year warranty guarantees that the high quality, baked enamel finish will not chip, crack, blister or peel or we’ll replace it for FREE.

GutterShutter side view GutterShutter technology image


Whether you need to replace your gutters or simply want to upgrade to the best gutter system available, GutterShutter is the best option for your home. Contact Straight Line Construction today for all of your GutterShutter questions and needs. With the best warranties and reputation in the industry, this investment will prove itself worthwhile for decades to come!


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