What are the factors that go into the costs of window replacement? Are there costs above and beyond the actual price of windows that need to be considered? Window replacement cost will depend on the type, size, and number of windows being replaced, but long term costs or savings (such as energy savings, for example) should also be part of your decision making process.

New, energy-efficient double and triple pane windows add to the the value of your home. Newer windows contain an insulating argon gas between two or three layers of glass that holds in the heated or cooled air. They also mute outside noise. Newer windows are made with Low-E glass that reduces glare and filters some of the harmful Ultra-violet (UV) rays that fade furniture and floor coverings.

The savings on energy may be greater than the window replacement cost for some homes. Federal tax credits are offered for some upgrades to more energy-efficient windows.

Window styles

There are several styles of windows found in many homes. These include:

  • Standard double sash windows that slide up and down
  • Louvered windows with small panes of glass that are cranked in and out at different angles
  • Casement or hinged windows
  • Horizontal sliding windows and glass doors
  • Custom arched windows

Windows that open easily and close tight are important for maintaining indoor air quality. While opening windows to allow fresh air into a room is important in nice weather, you want those windows to seal completely when the outside temperature drops. A good seal helps with home energy savings.

Preparing for replacement

“Window shop” at local stores and decide if you want vinyl, wood, or metal frame windows. Vinyl windows are less expensive and they are available in many colors. You can save money by replacing only the glass. These are “pocket replacements” that work if your frames and sills are in good condition.

Finally, prepare for window replacement cost by consulting with a professional window installation company. Get an estimate that includes installation and any necessary repairs to window sills or frames.

Straight Line Construction in Shingle Springs will give you an estimate on the cost and installation of new energy-efficient windows that will add beauty and value to your home. We work with several manufacturers that offer the best value. Our window installers are trained and certified by the manufacturers for quality service.

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