Do you  look at your windows as simply an aesthetic feature of your Sacramento home? Your windows are actually an important home system that impact your energy bills, comfort, and safety, in addition to your home’s curb appeal.

In fact, your windows should be inspected each year to ensure that they open and close freely, that all locking mechanisms work, to spot air leaks, look for mold and mildew, and to make sure there are no telltale signs of invasive pests.

However, sooner or later, the time will come when you need to make a decision whether to repair problem windows or simply replace your old windows with more efficient, stylish and durable windows. If you are pondering this proposition for the first time or for the umpteenth time, use these tips to help guide your decision.

When to Replace Windows

If your windows are very old, they are likely manufactured of wood. Wood-frame windows require regular maintenance to prevent rotting, mold growth and invasive pests. Moreover, very old windows offer very poor energy efficiency, which is costing you each month in higher energy bills.

If your windows are drafty or they make rattling or whistling noises, you can be sure that they are wasting energy. Additionally, old single pane windows just can’t deliver the same durability against the elements, safety and comfort of our select line of double pane windows and frames.

When to Repair Windows

If you are thinking that new window installation would be fantastic, of course, but you are not quite ready for a home remodeling project, you may improve the efficiency and curb appeal of your home one task at a time with window repairs and efficiency upgrades.

  • Window air leaks and drafts may be sealed using silicone caulk and various types and materials of weatherstripping.
  • Broken glass should be replaced for safety and energy efficiency reasons.
  • Make sure all of your windows open and close freely, and that all locking mechanisms are operable. Call your window repair professional for assistance if needed.
  • Consider using window treatments to boost energy efficiency. Popular types of window treatments include awnings, storm shutters, heavy drapes, blinds and shades.

If you are at your wit’s end with inefficient, unsightly and/or inoperable windows, contact the experts at Straight Line Construction for more information about window installation and window repairs.