Winners of Nominate a Hero

Randy H.,New Beginnings Charity, Roof Repair/Roof Maxx
Stephen W., Sheriff, Full Deck
Betty B. , Nurse, Painting
Derek O., Fireman, Gutters/Roof Repair
Kyle and Breena L., Fireman and Nurse, Gutters/Roof Repair
Gillian R., Healthcare, Gutters/Roof Repair
Caitlin B., Small Business Banker, Gutters/Roof Repair
Paul C.,Small Business Owner, Deck Sealing
Tyler P., Sheriff, Garage Door
John S., Local Hero in Construction, Painting
Ken A., Nurse, Gutters/Roof Repair
Melissa M, EMT, Solar PV

Special thanks to:

Dave Aelig – Drafting/Plans Agent for the deck installation