Owning a home in Sacramento is comfortable because of the nice weather most of the year, but winter can be borderline severe at times. You still need to inspect the roof and gutters periodically to make sure debris doesn’t prevent water from flowing freely off the roof into the drainpipes. Here are important points to know about the GutterShutter system and what it does.

What Is GutterShutter?

GutterShutter is a water-shedding system based on reverse curve technology. It directs water through the nose of the hood into the gutter while other debris is removed from the roof. The system protects your roof with a watertight seal from the roofline down. 

The gutters, made of heavy premium grade aluminum, are installed under the drip edge instead of shingles. This design protects the roof from damage so it will not void any existing warranties. With a five-point mounting system, two three-inch screws are used every two feet to ensure the seamless system doesn’t leak. 

Curb Appeal and Aesthetics

A major benefit to this gutter system besides its seamless engineering is it has an attractive modern look which can add curb appeal and increased value to your home. You can control its appearance by choosing one of fifteen different colors to fit any neighborhood.

Three Guaranteed Warranties

When the Cincinnati-based GutterShutter system is installed by Straight Line Construction we offer three different warranties. Each one is 100% guaranteed, non-prorated, and fully transferable to a new owner.

  1. The “no-clog” warranty is good for a lifetime for covering any clogging, which we will fix for free.
  2. The “never pull away” warranty covers any type of pull away from the fascia. Again, we will repair this problem free of charge if it ever affects your roof. 
  3. The “finish” warranty lasts for 20 years and guarantees the finish will withstand environmental elements. It covers any chips, cracks, blisters or peels that we will replace for free if necessary. 

Most likely, you will never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again. This solution will also eliminate underground plumbing problems. 

Using GutterShutter for your Sacramento home will help keep tree debris off your roof and will allow water to drain freely through the airtight gutter system. Contact one of our dependable and trusted team members at Straight Line Construction to learn more about how we can provide long-lasting trouble-free gutters.