While sagging gutters can be serious, gutters pulling away from the roof is a more immediate concern. As gutters separate from roofing, they lose their ability to provide proper drainage. This problem can lead to a buildup of water and debris, causing your gutters to clog. 

Why Gutters Pull Away

A common reason for gutters pulling away from the roof is improper installation. Many homeowners have learned the hard way that getting a friend to install home features at a discount can lead to higher costs down the road. When it comes to something as serious as the roof over your head, you should avoid cutting corners and stick with certified professionals. It’s essential for installers to use proper tools and follow the manufacturer’s requirements so the materials’ warranties remain valid. 

The area covering the ends of the beams (or rafters) on a roof is known as the fascia. Gutters can pull away from the fascia due to the weight of water, leaves and other debris trapped in the system. This excessive weight can cause gutters to sag. 

Seamless gutters are a solution that eliminates the problems caused by sectional gutters joined together with fasteners. If the fasteners are not installed correctly, it may lead to gutters pulling away. Too many seams can also cause sections to separate. Incorrect hanger spacing may lead to the gutter sagging, which puts pressure on fasteners. A gutter must be pitched properly during installation to prevent water buildup. 

Repairing Pulling Gutters

If broken fasteners are making the gutters pull away from the roof, an experienced technician will need to reinstall the brackets, which could mean drilling new holes and covering old ones with caulk. There may also be a need for drilling new holes when spaces between hangers or brackets are too far apart.

These changes should only be done by highly experienced technicians with specialized training. Hiring an expert contractor for periodic inspections will help prevent future gutter problems. 

The best way to keep your gutters from pulling away from the roof is to have them installed properly in the first place. For longevity, you must make sure your gutters don’t get flooded or clogged with debris, which is why annual inspections are essential. Contact Straight Line Construction today for your gutter installation needs!