Homeowners in Sacramento and El Dorado Counties need to watch out for cluttered gutters in the wintertime. If gutters get too clogged, they can create problems for your roof. An effective solution that saves money over time is to invest in seamless gutters, which reduce future maintenance costs. Here are key advantages to installing seamless gutters. 

Proper Water Drainage

The main reason you can benefit from seamless gutters is they drain water from the roof without fasteners holding sections together. It’s essential to limit moisture in a home and water buildup on your roof. Not only can moisture attract algae, mildew, and mold, but it can accelerate the wear and tear on building materials such as wood or rust on certain metals. Damage can develop into expensive problems if you neglect to have your roof inspected periodically, especially after a heavy storm.

Old gutters have been the culprit of many drainage problems because they were constructed in sections joined together. At the joints were cracks that allowed water to get in if the sections weren’t fastened tightly enough.

Modern seamless gutters, on the other hand, are designed to be one piece of aluminum. Since seamless gutters only have joints within corners, these gutters prevent clogging and leaking.

Signs for Traditional Gutter Replacement 

These signs may indicate that it’s time to replace your gutters with seamless gutters:

  • gutter aluminum shows cracks, holes or splits
  • rust and peeling paint on metal
  • sagging gutters
  • leaky joints and loose or weakened fasteners
  • mildew developing around the foundation
  • flooded basement
  • damage to the landscaping

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters usually don’t need any maintenance if they are installed properly. The seamless model also adds aesthetic value to your home, giving it a more modern and cleaner look compared to traditional sectional gutters that get rusty over time.

It’s imperative to work with certified, licensed and insured contractors who understand that installation of seamless gutters must be conducted according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

Make sure you work with an experienced contractor who has a reputable track record for installing seamless gutters. The combination of seamless gutters and annual roof inspections will ensure your roof has the longest lifespan possible. Contact Straight Line Construction today for your seamless gutter needs.