Keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters helps lower the amount of maintenance required. Gutter guards allow the water to flow in while keeping debris out. With several options available on the market, which one should you select?

Gutter Shutter is the best gutter guard on the market. Why?

The Benefits of the Gutter Shutter System


Gutter Shutter is easy to install on any home. It fits snugly under the drip edge, never touching or interfering with the roof shingles above.


  • Made from strong .032 thickness premium grade aluminum, the design of the Gutter Shutter is what really makes it the leader in the gutter guard market.
  • It starts with a high back which keeps water from getting behind the gutter.
  • The gutter itself is 6 inches deep, providing plenty of room for water to flow even during the hardest rains.
  • The gutter guard has flow reducers built in to slow down the flow of water. This allows water to flow over the curved edge into the gutter, while debris falls to the ground.
  • Everything is held together by a patent-pending 5-point mounting system. It stabilizes the gutter while holding the gutter guard in place.


Another hallmark of Gutter Shutter is the number of colors it’s available in. You have the ability to choose from 15 colors. This selection of colors makes it easy to compliment your home’s roof and exterior color.


Because it keeps debris out of the gutters, maintenance is easy. At least once a year, clean the gutters’ exterior with a gentle spray of water. It will keep the outside of the gutters looking brand new.


The Gutter Shutter system comes with three warranties. All are 100% guaranteed, never prorated, and are fully transferable.

  • The No-Clog warranty ensures the system will never clog.
  • The Never Pull Away warranty guarantees the system will never pull away from the fascia.
  • The Finish warranty offers you a 20-year guarantee that the baked enamel finish will not peel, crack, blister, or chip.

If any problems occur which are covered by warranty, the installer will come out and correct it for free.


Every Gutter Shutter system is installed by a certified installation team. This guarantees the workmanship is top-notch.

If you want to learn more about Gutter Shutter, contact Straight Line Construction today. We are proud to be a certified Gutter Shutter installer.